Ghent Fire Substation Set to Open Spring 2017


The Ghent Volunteer Fire Department substation, currently under construction on Hinton Road in Shady Spring, is expected to save nearby residents a significant amount of money on their home owner’s insurance, once it opens up in the spring of 2017. 

Randy Johnson, 4th Street resident, has spent decades working on his house that sits just blocks away from the substation. Behind his house, he is the landlord of a mobile park.  Johnson said he pays thousands of dollars each month in home owner’s insurance, and is looking forward to the day the substation opens up. 

“It’s going to decrease home owners insurance,” Johnson said. “And mobile park home owners insurance is astronomical, and it will really help on that.”

The substation will actually decrease the cost of home owners insurance for Johnson and everyone else living within 5 mi. of it by up to $1,000.  Along with bringing peace of mind to the community. 

“It’ll make it safer for everyone,” Johnson said. “Less travel time for fire trucks.”

Some of the walls of the substation have been constructed and Rick Morrison, Ghent fire chief, said concrete for the floors will be poured within the next week. There is still electrical work, roof structuring, interior carpentry and water to be completed for the building to operate.  Plus, volunteers to recruit. 

“Even after we get the station running, that’s only one piece of the puzzle,” Morrison said. “We still will need more people to man it, so I’m hoping to attract more people in this area.”

Morrison said the project costs a total $300,000. It’s all funded by the Raleigh County Fire Levy. He hopes to have the new substation opened up and operating by sometime in April. 

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