Governor Tomblin awards $3.6 million to aid local support groups


Governor Earl Ray Tomblin announced more than 3 million dollars in grants to help fund local support groups and community justice programs. The Family Refuge Center in Greenbrier County is just one of the many organizations seeing a portion of that grant,
and for them, it will be a saving grace. 

The  center in Lewisburg provides services to more than 1200 people each year. Their territory stretches through Greenbrier, Monroe, and Pocahontas Counties, where they work to help victims of sexual assault and violent crimes. They also provide shelter for families in distress. 

Kenosha Davenport is the executive director of the center. She says they are one of only few facilities of this kind to have a second location. It is located in Pocahontas County.”That’s such a great need because that’s such a very rural area and it’s very densely populated and so it’s a challenge for people to make it in to Greenbrier County if they need services,” Davenport says of the center. 

Without the nearly 80- thousand dollars received by the governors grant, that location would be in grave danger. 

The center has been in operation for nearly 35 years, and every year they operate on grants. Janet Swift, the business manager at the center says without funding like this from the government, the center would struggle to remain open.

Swift says, “we would be hard pressed to keep our doors open and continue to help the victims that we serve each year.”

Officials at the center said that they are very grateful for the money from the grant, but it represents just a fraction of their overall budget, 
and additional fund raising will need to be done. 

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