Green Bank Observatory Hosts Eclipse Party


People were lined up to see the Solar Eclipse in Pocahontas County. The Green Bank Observatory welcomed anyone to their Eclipse Viewing Party. 
There were plenty of activities and refreshments to keep everyone busy. 

They had 1,200 eclipse glasses and sold out of them before noon. They had five telescopes set up so people could see the sun and they also had a live stream from NASA of the Solar Eclipse. 

Today was also the first day of school for many. Over 200 students and faculty from Highland County Public Schools attended this event. 

 “They’re going to learn an amazing thing, they’re going to see a Solar Eclipse that can carry on in through science class  the entire year, so for them to be here and witness this it’s amazing,” said Dr. Thomas Schott, Superintendent of Highland County Public Schools. 

The staff at the Observatory were well prepared with educational events for the kids. 

“We’re going to do solar prints, solar beads, they’re beads that absorb UV light and change colors and do different things and try to wrap all that into an educational experience for them,” said Michael Holstine, Business Manager at the Green Bank Observatory. 

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