Greenbrier Activity: Off-Road Jeeps


Traverse the trails in a Jeep. This is a unique activity offered at the Greenbrier that allows you to be in control while you take the vehicle off-roading.

With a 4 and a half inch lift kit on it, this machine will bring you through 30 miles of trails with no problems. The key to successful off-roading – aside from listening to the instructor, of course – is to make slow, calculated moves. The Greenbrier’s resident off-road instructor is Bruce Bowling.

“Note the lack of speed that I used. You don’t need a lot of speed; just let the vehicle do what it’s supposed to do,” said Bowling, as he maneuvered the Jeep up a steep hill.

After a quick tutorial, the wheel is in your hands. Bowling stays in the Jeep’s passenger seat to navigate the trails with you and give you advice on what may help you out in different situations.

Driving off-road is sometimes counter-intuitive. The terrain is really what dictates your movements; on a steep downhill, do not hit the brakes. Rather, allow the 4-wheel drive system and low gearing to mechanically brake the vehicle.

Another obstacle that is often encountered through the trails is a side-tilt. This is what happens when the Jeep leans strongly to one side.

“On a side tilt like this, the worst that can happen is you can roll. So, what you want to do is hug that side of it, so you don’t have as far to roll,” Bowling said.

Whether you are a first timer on the trails or a seasoned veteran, there is a variety of obstacles to keep everyone entertained.

Off-roading is offered as a year-round event. According to Greenbrier Staff, the best time to head into the woods is after a fresh coating of snow.

This activity is available to everybody, and setting up reservations is easy to do. Everything is done through Kate’s Mountain Outfitters. Set up the reservations, and then enjoy your trip through the woods!

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