Greenbrier County Health Department Hosts Person-In-Charge Food Handler Class


Staying safe and healthy was the theme at the Greenbrier County Health Department Thursday. Inside, local restaurant employees gathered to learn the “ins-and-outs” of preparing healthy food in a sanitary way.

Brenda Wiseman sat in on the class, and understands the importance of keeping your mind- and food- fresh. “If you’re not taking care of the food properly, than you’re not doing your job properly. So, it’s a reflection on you and your establishment” she says. 

The goal for the Greenbrier County Health Department is to teach local restaurant owners and employees how to properly cook to food. That helps avoid food born illnesses and even death. 

Health Department employees say bacteria like Salmonella and Listeria are among the illness causing bacteria commonly found in a restaurant environment. The class on Thursday spread knowledge, instead of germs,  to help those in charge of restaurants take daily precautions to help them and the customers. 

“We want to make sure that the food temperature is correct, that they’re getting their food properly cooked all the way from cooling foods, to heating foods, and everything in between,” says Will Knowlton of the GCHD. 

At the end of the Person-In-Charge class, attendants took a test and, if they passed, were given a certification. If you’re interested in attending next months class at the Greenbrier County Health Department you can call them at 304-645-1539. 

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