Greenbrier County Works to Find Recovery Funds


County Commissioner, Lowell Rose says that being a general contractor has immensely helped with the recovery process for Greenbrier County.

“We understand the process and what needs to be done and it gives us more insight as to someone who doesn’t have that background,” says Rose.

The county has already spent $150,000 toward recovery efforts.

“All of the debris removal, the removal of the roads, we can take that and turn it into reimbursements,” says Rose.

They still need to cover over 3.5 million dollars in costs and that number is estimated to grow by the day.

Greenbrier County is working hand in hand with FEMA to cover all of these costs.

“We have been able to expedite a debris removal amount of 2.3 million dollars to congress and that money has been approved and provided to the state,” says the FEMA Media Relations Specialist, Renee Bafalis, 

As for the additional money Greenbrier County needs, the government only provides up to a certain amount.

“The government provides 75 percent of coverage to the state,” says Bafalis.

That leaves the state and counties to cover the leftover 25 percent, but Senator Manchin is working to change federal coverage to 90 percent, to help counties recover faster.

As for individuals affected, they need to go through a different assistance program and people have until August 24th to apply.

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