Greenbrier Valley Airport Hoping for Feedback


Airport Manager Stephen Snyder says every year the Greenbrier Valley Airport loses thousands of customers to larger airports like Roanoke. This year, he hopes to see that change. Something he thinks the public can help with saying, “If you’re a family that went out five times last year but you had to drive to Roanoke because you didn’t have the connection we are interested in that data.”

In just a few weeks, airlines will be bidding to fly in to the Greenbrier Valley and Snyder has made it his mission to find an airline that will work for the people of this area. He says the current times and prices aren’t working for his customers which can damage tourism and the local economy. 

“A tourism dollar is still a dollar in our area” says Snyder. “We have something exceptional to showcase here and great airline service is a key component to that.” 

Julie DeLorenzo frequently travels from Lewisburg to Chicago- but almost always by car. She says that between time and money, driving makes more sense. “To fly out of Lewisburg would cost, round trip to Chicago- its close to $500. You also have to connect, sit at a connecting airport and wait so it ends up taking me ten hours as opposed to driving which takes ten hours. I’d rather just drive.”

If you would like to let the airport know where you are looking to fly email

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