Greenbrier Valley CYAC Hosts Open House for Community


There are many steps in helping troubled children and families, but there were just as many steps to creating the Child and Youth Advocacy Center in Lewisburg to help those children and families.

“Our Family Advocates literally support families from the moment they enter our office, through the investigation, and through the court process if the case goes to prosecution,” says Executive Director Katherine Thompson. 

Thursday night, the center opened their doors to the community to help them understand what center does for families in the area. “This year, we’re really trying to reach out to the community and to elected officials, especially those that are newly elected, so that they can leave with clear understanding of what we do,” adds Thompson. 

The open house drew an impressive crowd, not just made up of elected officials but also of those that have a special interest in the CYAC’s mission.

Visitor Nadine Hambrick says, “I wanted to find out more about what they actually do here because when I was younger, several things happened to me, physical and sexual abuse, and I kind of wish they would have had this process.”

As someone who experienced the challenges of the children serviced by the CYAC, Nadine was nearly speechless to see- for the first time- the help that abused families can received here in the Greenbrier Valley. “When you go through a  bad, bad, bad experience like that it’s like you’re taking a kid and making them grow up so fast and here it just kind of seems like they take it easy with you. You’re telling your story, there’s people here to support you, and that’s one of the biggest things- having support,” says Hambrick.

As a nonprofit, the Child and Youth Advocacy Center offers all of their services to families, free of charge. 

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