Hard Hats Allowed in Republican National Convention Controversy


Political correspondent Mark Curtis informed 59News that hard hats WILL be allowed at the Republican National Convention.

This announcement stemmed from a controversy, where delegates of West Virginia wearing hard hats were not allowed to wear hard hats on the convention floor, while Texas delegates wore cowboy hats.

Delegates wanted to show a sign of solidarity with the beleaguered coal industry, which has been decimated in the past eight years. But the secret service told delegates that they could not bring their hard hats into the convention hall.

“I brought it not knowing there would be other hard hats here. But I wanted to let the country know that coal mining is very important to their country, just as it is important to West Virginia.”, said Michael Baisden, WV GOP Delegate.

Sources said it was a safety issue, that someone might get hurt if a hard had was tossed around, but not a cowboy hat.

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