Have smart phones become a distraction for students?


It’s 2015 and technology is almost everywhere you look. These days, smart phones are used by almost everybody, teenagers especially. Administrators at schools in southern West Virginia weighed in on how this effects the learning process. 

“I think its added to the issue of possible distractions during the school day, but I think over time we’ve adjusted and students have adjusted to that,” Vice Principal of Park Elementary School, Joel Harris, said. 

The policy at Park Middle School is that you leave your phone in your locker, or it’s taken. Students like Jonathan Anguino seem to be on board with the policy. 

“It’s a big change, because during the school year I’m not allowed to do it. Then in the summer it doesn’t really matter because there’s no kids around,” Anguino said. 

School staff said that by having a no tolerance policy, students understand the consequences and it’s usually not an issue. 

“There is the occasional issue where we have to contact a parent and the parent will have to come pick up the phone,” Joel Harris said. 

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