Police say heroin dealers are selling in pill form. 

“The dealers are trying to distribute in pill form for two reasons,” says Mark Larkin, Mount Hope police chief. “It’s concealment from law enforcement and it’s just another way to ingest in orally.”

Larkin says he’s experienced this first hand.

“The last search warrant we executed, we hit over probably 100 pill bottles,” Larkin tells 59News. “Probably 60 of them actually had pills in them. And the rest of them, some of them had illegal narcotics, so we had to go through each pill bottle. We got heroin, cocaine and morphine.”

There is a special tool officers use while looking for illegal drugs like heroin disguised in pill bottles. It’s called a field test kit.

“We’ll break one capsule and then break another one, which causes a chemical reaction and it’s able to give us a preliminary indication, a positive preliminary indication to whether it is the narcotics that we’re looking for,” Larkin says.  

Captain Jim Sizemore of the Fayette County Sheriff’s department tells 59News there’s another way to sniff out concealed drugs. 

“Most of the time our biggest asset is our drug dogs because you might fool me by showing me two separate pills,” Sizemore says. “One’s an actual prescription drug, and another is counterfeit. The dogs know the difference.”