Historic Monroe County Resort is Auctioned Off


The historic Old Sweet Springs Resort was auctioned off by Joe Pyle and his agency Thursday morning. The facility has changed hands a number of times. Most recently it was a home for the elderly, which closed it’s doors in 1993.

Rumor has it that the resort was originally designed by Thomas Jefferson in the 1700’s. 
Because of that community members showed concern over the historic value that the resort adds to the area, and what a new owner may do to the fate of the property.

Sweet Springs neighbors were relieved when West Virginia native Ashby Berkley was the highest bidder. Berkley has plans to restore the grounds and maintain the history behind them. 

 “It’s part of our history, it’s not just the history of this building. It’s the history of West Virginia and the United States,” says Berkley of the resort.

It’s not just this building behind me that was auctioned off today, included in the sale was a hot spring and bath house, cottages, and a water bottling plant. 

After just a few minutes of bids, The property sold for $560,000, but that number is just a fraction of what the total will be after clean up and restoration costs are factored in. Mr. Berkley plans to have those costs, benefit the economics of the surrounding area. 

He says, “my primary interest is to restore the property, the restoration of the property, and the involvement of the community and the area.”

Berkley says he has no set time line for the project.That will come after further inspection of the more than 20 acre property. 

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