Holiday Crime On The Rise


59News saw a lot of crime this past holiday weekend in West Virginia.  We wanted to know if crime is usually on the rise during the holiday season.  John Howell is the Police Chief at the Princeton Police Department.  He said they receive a lot more robbery, larceny, and domestic violence calls during the holiday season.

Howell said, “Unfortunately a lot of times this time of year especially, there’s a lot of stress on people.  The weather where it turns worse, people are in doors a lot more that increases your domestic violence calls.”

Clinical Director of Southern Highlands Community Mental Health Center Tina Borich has some tips on how to reduce holiday stress and one of those tips is not to neglect yourself.   

Borich said, “The holidays is really, there’s not an excuse to stop not taking care of yourself.  Don’t over eat, watch your diet, get plenty of rest.  If your consume alcoholic beverages, don’t over consume.”

Borich also said to avoid financial stress by establishing and maintaining a budget.  Howell wants store managers and customers to be aware of their surroundings this time of year. 

Howell said, “The store owners, store managers need to be very vigilant when they’re opening and closing their stores.  They need to check the area out very well before they do enter and exit also store patrons need to be very aware of their surroundings.”

If you are still feeling stress after the holidays, you are encouraged to contact your local mental health specialist. 

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