Hospice of Southern West Virginia Practices Emergency Drill


Being prepared for an emergency is crucial, especially because you never know when it’s going to happen. The hospice of Southern West Virginia wanted to be prepared, so on Wednesday they conducted an emergency drill. 

“You never know, you could have warnings like they do down In hurricanes here but you never know when an emergency might happen and you can tell just by watching the news every evening that sometimes an emergency does happen and you need to be ready and that’s what these things do and that’s why we do it,” Public Relations Director of Southern West Virginia, Josh Jones, said. 

The drill involved responses from the Bradley Prosperity Volunteer Fire department and Jan Care Ambulance.

“We do these drills not only to assist the staff at the facility to understand what they need to do but also to help familiarize our personnel,” Assistant Fire Chief, Bobby Palmer, said. 

Patients and staff were well aware of the situation and some even participated as mock victims. Although these drills do not resemble exactly what happens in an emergency It helps people prepare for what could happen.

“Understand that during a drill it’s a lot more organized then a real incident, during a real incident you obviously have a lot of things going on at one time,” Palmer, said. 

These drills better help everyone understand different possible ways something could happen and how to avoid danger.


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