Every where you look, whether it’s TV shows, video games, or even music we listen, there’s a hint of violence. Which for some, its difficult to separate what they see on the screen from reality.
Raleigh County sheriff Steve Tanner says that’s especially true for children.

“Every video game where the monster gets killed comes back on the next level and I don’t think that they understand, appreciate, and comprehend what life and death is,” Tanner said.

Sheriff Tanner says it’s the family that can help bridge the gap.   But sometimes those conversations are difficult.

“Then we see horrific results from that and we need to become closer as families, we need to be closer as neighborhoods, we need to be more involved with our families and the ones we care about,” he said.

While Tanner does not believe video games and TV violence caused Grubbs death, he does say his death is a horrific accident.
The reason why? He believes someone Grubbs age does NOT understand the permanent affect taking ones life means.

“I believe that it was not his intention, but we will never know, there are certain facts that we will never know the answers to, in this lifetime in this world and that’s what so sad about a case like this,” he said.

The sheriff says at this time, the family needs time to heal.

“I think that’s extremely important right now as they are inundated in being victimized by social media, this is certainly not the time for any accusations,” Tanner said.

Sheriff Tanner says the investigation into Grubbs death will come to a close in the coming days.