How first responders make safety a top priority in emergencies


Officers and emergency responders put their lives on the line every day and do their best to protect their community and themselves. 59 News found out how emergency responders stay safe in the most dangerous situations.

We see ambulance vans and police vehicles rush to the scene of an emergency every day, but rarely think about the challenges they face upon arrival. 

“Anytime you’re out there in the public and you have to put on lights and a siren and go through traffic to go to a scene, it’s really dangerous,” said Princeton Rescue Squad Paramedic John Gillian. 

With more than 40 years spent as a paramedic in Mercer County, John Gillian has seen emergency response methods change time and again. But one thing that never changes is the danger and risk first responders face every day they’re out in the field. Because paramedics never know the details or severity of the emergency they’re faced with, Gillian says it’s important not to panic, and to remember your basics. 

“Just stick to your protocol and remember the basics, even though you’re doing advanced stuff because that’s where you work from,” Gillian added. 

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