How to keep teens safe on the roadways


The countdown to the first day of school for children around the area is underway. The start of class means new drivers will be out on the roads.

No state has laws strong enough to protect new teen drivers completely, but rules parents put in place can help. In most cases teen drivers crash because they’re inexperienced. They struggle judging gaps in traffic, driving the right speed for conditions and turning safely, among other things.

Experts say having rules about passengers, nighttime driving and cell phone use can fill gaps in state laws. The Fayette County Sheriff gave us this word of advice

“They need to be aware not to speed.  Don’t talk on that phone.  Don’t fool with stuff in the car.  Pay attention to driving, Sheriff Kessler said.  

More rules to enforce is don’t text while driving, don’t talk on your phone or send text messages while you’re driving. Another good tip is to budget extra travel time.

School areas are congested, so allow for more time to get where you’re going. The extra time will help you avoid bouts of road rage and avoid accidents.

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