How You Can Make a Pinhole Eclipse Viewer Using a Cereal Box


With the solar eclipse a few days away, eclipse glasses are flying off store shelves. Some stores are already sold out of the glasses. Sunglasses will not protect your eyes from the sun’s rays.

So what can you do if you don’t have a pair of glasses? If you own a pair of #14 welder’s glasses, that can be substituted for eclipse glasses.  You can also make your own pinhole eclipse viewer using an empty cereal box. 

Here’s what you’ll need: An empty cereal box, a piece of paper, tape, scissors, aluminum foil and a nail. 


  • Trace a piece of paper to fit along the bottom of the cereal box
  • Cut the piece of paper
  • Tape the strip of paper inside the box, at the bottom, and seal the top
  • Cut rectangular holes on the top right and left corners. 
  • Cut a piece of aluminum foil to cover the left hole. Tape in place
  • Poke a pinhole in the center of the foil

ON MONDAY, Solar Eclipse Day:

  • – during the eclipse, with the sun behind you, look into the right hole
  • – watch a projection of the eclipsed sun on the paper inside the box

You can use duct tape instead of regular tape and you can use box cutters instead of scissors. 

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