Investigation Underway after Garage Explodes


A large scale investigation is underway after a garage explosion happened just outside of Bellaire, Ohio, Monday, June 15, 2015.

Officials said the garage owner, William McCabe, was known to have a habit of working with explosives, and owned a large number.

Neighbors said the earth moved in the first explosion and in the ones that followed. One neighbor was hurt when she was thrown to the floor in her house. A man a half-mile away said it knocked the pictures off his walls.

Now at least three investigators from the State Fire Marshal’s Office are on the scene at 55-58 Merritt Row.

“I hope we can do something to avert the possibility of this ever happening again,” Bellaire Resident Terry Wallace said. “We’re very fortunate no one was killed. The explosive nature of this thing was unbelievable if you weren’t here to see it first hand and I hope we take steps to see that it never happens again.”

Police said McCabe has a history of trouble with explosives. In 1983, he was arrested for possession of a dangerous ordnance.

Police also said he was storing explosives in a pump station of the East Ohio Regional Wastewater Authority. Neighbors said they’ve lived in fear for years.

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