Investigation Underway After Teachers Are Accused Of Making Students Clean Feces Off A Wall At A School in Wyoming County


An investigation is underway after a Wyoming County mother said her child was forced to clean up feces during school.  A mother we spoke to on the phone on the night of Thursday, May 7, 2015 said two incidents happened at Baileysville Elementary School in Brenton.  Parent, Charlissa Morgan told 59News her daughter and another student were forced to clean feces from a wall of a bathroom or they couldn’t go to recess.  Morgan said it happened on Wednesday and Thursday of last week.  A teacher reportedly thought the two girls were responsible for smearing feces on a wall but the girls said they didn’t do it. 

Morgan said she’s pulling her daughter out of school and sending her somewhere else.  Wyoming County Prosecuting Attorney Mike Cochrane confirmed an investigation is underway at the Wyoming County Board of Education.  

Cochrane said, “The school board is looking into seeing what happened.  I believe they’ve talked to some teachers involved with it and some parents.  As far as our prospective here at the prosecutor’s office, we’ll look into it with the sheriff’s department to see if there is a charge that needs to be filed or not.”

One man we spoke to in the area said the whole thing just got out of hand.

“That’s not even right,” said Bradley Osborne.  “This is going on and on and on and stuff and being dragged on for nonsense.  They’re being suspended without pay and things. You know what’s the use to have teachers at the schools if you can’t correct the kids my opinion.”  

Wyoming County resident, Melissa Kenneda, said, “Well I mean if it was my kids I’d want them to clean it up. I’d go down there and make them.  I mean if they didn’t do it, they shouldn’t have to. My nephews are actually in them classes and they love the teachers.” 

Officials at the Wyoming County Board of Education said it’s a personnel issue.  They denied a comment. 

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