Jan-Care celebrates 45 years


Once you take your first call, It’s something you’ll never forget.

“I love it,” Eugene Indicott, the assistant chief for Jan-Care said.

Indicott became a paramedic 45 years ago and fell in love with the job, he still goes on calls today.
“The vision was for patient care and it got better each and every every day,” he said.

Technological and training advances have greatly improved Jan Care over the years.

“We had one ambulance that our owner ran and his wife was the dispatcher and answered the calls and stuff,” Rick Cornett said.

Jan Care has expanded across West Virginia since it was founded. We got the chance Wednesday to ride along with first responders. It was quite the experience, even though the anniversary is a celebration. It’s business as usual for Jan-Care first responders

“It’s the first job I’ve ever done and I got my EMT license and paid for it myself, I don’t know I just got into and it’s just something unique and I jumped into it and got sucked into it,” Richard Garten said.
After 45 years of serving the community, Jan Care plans on serving for another 45 years

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