JROTC Students at Pikeview High react to women in combat


     History was made Thursday, November 4, 2015,  when Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced that all combat jobs are now open to females. Now 59News is speaking with young individuals who are considering a career in the military.
     The Junior ROTC Program at Pikeview High School has 120 participants, and about half of them are girls. Katie Richardson a member of JROTC at Pikeview High School, says she is ready to join the armed forces, “I feel like I have the leadership and the dedication to over come the obstacles to become an officer.” Richardson plans to join the Marines after she graduates from college. She says the military’s decision to allow women in all combat jobs, only solidifies her plans to serve her country, “For most women it’s going to be harder for them to meet the requirements, but I believe that women have as much dedication and heart that a man does and I believe they can do it, if they set their minds to it.”
     The marines are exempt from this rule at certain levels. Richardson is hoping that changes, by the time she is ready to join. Another member of JROTC, Bradley Dorsey, tells 59News that anyone up for the job shouldn’t be held back, “It’s about time that we have that kind of equality in the military. I just hope that we can keep the regulations the same, so that way we don’t have to lower their standards.
     The head of the program told us off camera that starting at the Junior ROTC level everyone should be treated with the same respect. Sergeant Riggs has the same expectations for all of his students.

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