OAK HILL, WV (WVNS) — Oak Hill Police Police Chief, Mike Whisman, said Thursday that the substance found in a child’s trick-or-treat bag tested negative for heroin. The test results from the State Police Crime Lab found that it was a derivative of marijuana. 

On Halloween night, a mother from Oak Hill found what police had initially thought to be heroin in her child’s trick-or-treat candy. Police are still investigating where the substance came from. No suspects have been identified at this time.


OAK HILL, WV (WVNS) – The investigation into heroin found in a child’s Halloween candy in Fayette County continues. Oak Hill Police have not ruled out any suspects in the investigation and are still exploring all possible leads. 

This discovery sparked concern among residents within the Oak Hill community. According to Laura Kirk, former Hidden Valley resident, hundreds of people come to the area every year to trick-or-treat.

“It’s more like a street fair than trick-or-treat, and there is usually pretty active police presence, so you usually feel pretty safe here” Kirk said.

Kirk’s family comes to Hidden Valley to trick-or-treat every year.  She was shocked to hear about the heroin which prompted her to go through her children’s candy.

“I immediately dumped their bags and was going through everything,” Kirk explained.

Although she did not find a similar substance, Kirk said she will not take anymore chances.

“I will probably lean more towards the trick-or-treat events, and then just see grandma and the houses we know here,” Kirk said.

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OAK HILL, WV (WVNS) – An investigation is underway in Fayette County after heroin was found in a child’s trick-or-treat bag.

Oak Hill Police Chief Mike Whisman said it was allegedly found in a bag that belonged to a child who had been trick-or-treating in the Hidden Valley area. He told 59News several hundred children trick-or-treat in this area every Halloween. 

The child’s mother told 59News she was checking her 3-year-old’s candy when she found the drugs wrapped in a rubber glove. She immediately called police, and officers with the Oak Hill Police Department came to the woman’s home.

Investigators performed a field test on the drug, and preliminary results revealed it was heroin. Police said they will send the substance to the State Police Crime Lab in Charleston for official confirmation.

We spoke with the mother of the child and she claims the drug was found when she dumped out her child’s candy.

“So of course I dump it out onto the table because I was going to check it, and then when I dumped it out, the little blue finger tip of the glove fell out on top of the pile,” said the mother.

Police are taking a closer look at all possibilities about how the heroin ended up in the child’s Halloween candy.

Officers are warning parents to be cautious and go through your children’s Halloween candy. If you find anything suspicious, call 911.