Law Enforcement Actively Works to Combat the Drug Crisis


As West Virginia struggles with a drug crisis, law enforcement has been working to combat the growing problem. 59 News rode along with deputies in Fayette County who are actively working to put an end to drugs.

For more than 10 years Sargent Nick Mooney has been involved with law enforcement. Thanks to those long years, he is no stranger to the drug problem in West Virginia. “I think the easiest way to fight any type of problem or issue is a grass roots effort and this is our grass roots effort locally,” says Mooney.

With help from K-9 partners, police drove up and down Route 19 searching for drugs to keep them out of the wrong hands. “In an attempt to fight he opioid and pill addiction we have here in Southern WV,” says Mooney.

Together, law enforcement is actively working to combat the drug crisis. Police made 72 stops and 6 arrests with one of those being a felony charge. “We would like to say we can come out here for 8 hours and we won’t see anything and not prosecute anyone but that’s unfortunately not the case,” says Mooney.

Police have seen a successful turn out specifically on Route 19 after confiscating $12,000 in one search. They say this is because Route 19 is a common road for drivers to pass through making it a prime place for drugs to travel. “We know through intel that drugs up and down this road,” says Mooney.

This is all centered around keeping Fayette County safe and that starts with keeping drugs off the streets. “All of the criminal enterprise that associates with drug abuse and narcotics distribution,” says Mooney.

As police confiscated drugs, their larger goal is to keep everyone out of harm. “Hopefully I can be an asset to the citizens of Fayette county for this opioid problem we have,” says Mooney. During their search today (11/3) police tell us they found drugs in several vehicles and 7 cars were towed from the scene.

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