Lazarus Game Reports Surface in Fayette County


Recent reports have surfaced in Fayette County of people participating in the Lazarus game.

The goal of this dangerous competition is to get as high as possible off of opioids and other other drugs like heroin. If you  live to tell the tale, after being revived off Narcan antidote, you win.

Haley Myles is a certified nurse assistant at a local hospital in Fayette County. She says she’s dumb founded that people would risk their lives on purpose to get high. 

“That’s not a game to play,” Myles says. “I mean you see people crying over loved ones everyday that have overdosed. It’s not a game that should be played at all. A game that easily could be lost. Because Narcan doesn’t always work.”

There were eight reported overdoses in a matter of just two days last weekend. Troopers say these incidents could possibly be linked to the Lazarus Game. 

Trooper M.R. Shaffer with the State Police Oak Hill detachment also believes the Lazarus game is a senseless act. But she says if you see someone has over dosed, intentionally or not, the best move is to immediately call 911. 

“First and foremost, our priority is the care of that person that’s over dosing,” Shaffer says. “Their safety and care and getting them the aid and attention they need – that’s our first priority. And then we assess the situation to see what we need to do as far as the surrounding circumstances and all the people involved.”

This game of life and death was first discovered in Ohio. It has now spread to West Virginia.  

If you know of any over doses related to the Lazarus Game, you are encouraged to contact your local law enforcement agency or the West Virginia Intelligence Exchange. 

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