Lewisburg Clothing Line Brings Business Women Together


A new clothing line is born in Lewisburg after two women come together to chase their dream. 

The building that’s now home to Sunflower Soul was once home to a family that moved in to the building after surrendering their home in bankruptcy.
But for Weslea Coles, that move may have been a blessing in disguise. It brought her the idea for Pretty White Trash, the clothing line she has started with business partner Amanda Reed.

“When I surrendered my home in bankruptcy I had all these things and I was kind of overwhelmed about what to do with it so that’s originally where the white trash- I thought, well maybe I’ll open a store and call it white trash,” says Coles. 

Immediately after hearing the idea, Reed was on board. After years of hard work, the women launched their line, and are thrilled with the success they’ve seen. 

They take pride in the support that they have from the community. In fact, on many of their products they’ve taken common West Virginia phrases and incorporated definitions given to them by social media users. 

But they’re not just marketing to women in West Virginia. Today, they launched their online store to be able to serve a wider audience- so far, it’s working.

Reed says, “In the past ten minutes we’ve had four new orders come in, only one of those being from West Virginia so its exciting.”

Both women say the line is made to empower others, and remind them that anything can be done. 

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