Lewisburg community looks to add color to white outdoor piano


Last year, the city of Lewisburg was given an anonymous early Christmas present, and this year, artists are hoping to add on to that gift. 

Nearly a year ago, a white piano was dropped off near Lewisburg city hall. The delivery happened in the middle of the night, and the donor remains unknown. Lewisburg Mayor John Manchester says the instrument has added life to the streets of the city.

“It’s right underneath my office, so I hear wonderful concerts periodically from people who just sit down, or they’re in town and they just stroll by and say I’ll just sit down here for a minute. And it’s neat to see the variety of people and the skill level of people who sit down and play the piano,” says Manchester.

The Cultural Arts Roundtable is proposing a painting contest for the piano. They are asking the city council members to approve a contest that artists will apply for, in order to make the white piano as colorful as the music that it’s keys produce. 

Painted pianos can be seen in many different cities across the United States and Lewisburg’s rich artistic culture makes it a perfect place for a new one. 

Josh Baldwin is a Lewisburg City Council Member and avid piano player. He believes painting the piano would only add to it’s value in the city. 

Baldwin says, “as an arts community, it’s bringing different mediums together. So here, we have a public piano, we have live music playing in the street as people walk up and down them, especially during shopping season. Then to coordinate that with visual artist who want to come in and paint this.”

If the proposal is accepted, and an artist is chosen, the painted piano will likely be unveiled this spring.

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