Lewisburg Fire Department Searches for New Location


 The Lewisburg Fire Department is searching for a new location to build a new fire station. Joseph Thomas, the Lewisburg Fire Chief, says Station One has been deteriorating for several years.  

The fire station was built in 1973 and is gradually falling apart. The Lewisburg fire department has been dealing with this issue for years. There are many cracks in the walls and the grounds of the fire station that make the need for a new building even greater. 

“We’ve got large cracks in the walls, we’ve got some structural damage to the front of the building where it’s kind of leaning out towards the road,” said Thomas. 

Not only is structural damage an issue, but the downtown location. It’s a small station that does not hold all the fire station equipment and traffic creates issues when the fire trucks try to leave. 

“We’ve got equipment that has to be set outside. So we’re trying to locate something that we can build where we can expand where we can have that location be self sufficient in that area where we don’t have to worry about all the other traffic,” said Thomas. 

The Fire Chief has been actively searching for a new location, but they are limited to where they can look. 

“Currently we’ve got one location in mind, its not developed to the point that we can actually pursue it yet, but we are still open to anything, we have a general radius that we have to stay in,” said Thomas. 

The fire department is hoping to find a new location as soon as possible.  Once the Fire Chief does find a new location, it will take about two years to build. 

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