Lewisburg Gingko Tree Leaves About to Fall


Residents and tourists in Lewisburg are looking forward to the yearly falling of the local Gingko Tree leaves. 

The Gingko Tree was planted in Academy Park, next to Carnegie Hall in Lewisburg more than 100 years ago. Every year, the leaves fall off the tree all at once instead of slowly like most other trees. Those leaves just turned yellow, which officials say means the “shower of leaves” will happen soon. 

“It’s all yellow and then after a cold frost then it will hopefully all shed it’s leaves and that could take anywhere from an hour to a couple of days,” says Kristi Godby of the Greenbrier County Visitors Center. She says it seems that the leaves on the Gingko Tree turned yellow later than usual this year but the City of Lewisburg is keeping an eye out for the big leaf shower. 

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