Lewisburg Park Gets a Makeover


Montwell Park may be a geographical low spot in Lewisburg, but board members hope current construction will make it a high point for residents and visitors.

Like the sign out front says, Montwell Park is a community owned park, run by a non-profit. That non-profit saw some major issues with the geography of the park, and they decided to do something about it. 

“The drainage of Lewisburg comes down to this low spot that is Montwell Park and the culverts that are currently in place are overwhelmed with the amount of water that comes in,” says Maria Schleiff, Montwell Park coordinator. 

Right now, one 36-inch culvert is underground to handle the drainage. With the project that is underway, three 42-inch culverts will be buried. A measure that Schleiff believes needed to be taken saying, “as a non-profit, that was a rather overwhelming decision financially, but it’s really essential to the continuation of the park including planting. Everything gets affected when you have water running in it.”

They’re not just fixing the drainage and adding culverts, they’re also adding a green space so that tourists coming in on route 219 and residents of Lewisburg have a place to gather outdoors. Members of the Montwell Park board of directors are also excited about the change and what it means for their families and the city as a whole. 

“I raise children in this area and I just see that this is filling a void of something that’s needed in the area that brings the community together. It offers activities and facilities for everybody to use. Old, young, families,” says member Suzanne Horst. 

Schleiff says the project is expected to be completed in 4 to 6 weeks. 

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