Local Band Director And Drum Major Say What It Takes To Put Together A Halftime Show


One thing many football fans are looking forward to is the highly anticipated halftime show. But what goes into putting together a halftime performance? 59News stopped by a local high school.  We spoke with the drum major and band director at Princeton Senior High School. 

It looks like a nice view and gets fans in the stands dancing.  But, preparing for a halftime show takes a lot of work.  Band Director at Princeton Senior High School Julie Kade said you have to factor in how many students you have and how talented they are.

Kade said, “You have to decide what music you want to put on the field and then they have to learn that music.  They have to learn a drill design and it takes hours and hours, days and weeks.”

Kade said her students train and do conditioning so they can have the endurance to do a full halftime show.  

Kade said, “You have a drum major who has to know your every move.  They have to be rehearsed through absolutely everything.”

Drum Major and Senior Daniel Harmon gives all the credit for their award winning band to Kade.  

Daniel Harmon said, “The hardest part is the field show itself. It’s physically demanding.  Most people over look my position of drum major.  They just see me when I count off the music but it’s physically demanding on myself.  It burns my arms.  I mean it’s 10 minutes of harsh conducting.”  

Harmon said Kade is the most dedicated woman he’s ever met.  

Kade said, “She’s amazing.  She’s so talented.  We all couldn’t do it without her.  I think she is just exceptional.” 

Harmon said they begin training in July.

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