Local beekeeper looks to start Go Green Campaign in Lewisburg


Because of the recent decline in the bee population, one woman is Lewisburg is starting a Go Green Campaign. 59 News spoke with her about the details of the campaign. Ashly Bargman is spending her Sunday speaking with community members in Lewisburg about a cause that she believes could help save the declining bee population. “Just making people aware, making people aware of the dangers,” said Bargman, owner and operator of Another Season Honey Farm. According to the online site beeinformed.org, researchers believe that pesticides, along with malnutrition are the biggest reasons for the declining bee population. “Bees pollinate more than 90% of the food in our grocery store, so without bees, no food,” Bargman added. 

Bargman’s a beekeeper and after losing a large population of her bee colony, she decided to start a community wide Go Green Campaign. She believes that limiting the amount of pesticides in the town will help keep the bee population at a healthy number. Bargman also spoke with community members about what she believes could be a safer and healthier alternatives to lawn chemicals. “You can go to beyondpesticides.org and find anything you need for any kind of bug or pest problem,” Bargman added. Sponsors of the petition include Another Season Honey Farm Green Team and the Greenbrier Watershed Association. 

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