Local Councilman addresses prostitution in Beckley


 A recent Facebook post about prostitution in Beckley by Local Councilman, Tim Berry,  has gotten quite a few peoples attention. Berry says every year he sees the same women walking the streets. Berry, a former police officer thinks its obvious what’s going on. 

“Well, of course with the first day, first sunny days of spring coming, we begin to see the young ladies walking the street soliciting prostitution,” Berry said.

While some of the responses to the post say they don’t think it’s a problem, some say they see it all the time. Head of Detectives at the Beckley Police Department, Dave Farley said it’s not common.  

“Prostitution is not a huge issue in this area, but there are some instances where there are some people out there doing that,” Detective Farley said. 

Lieutenant Farley said a team of Detectives initiates about 3 stings a year to try to stop what little prostitution the town of Beckley has. 

“We normally charge through the city and it’s a fine. A $200 fine plus court costs,” Farley said.

Councilman Berry doesn’t think a $200 fine is going to stop anybody from soliciting prostitution. 

“In the city of Beckley we probably need to look at the code a little bit closer and we need to involve a little jail time instead of just a fine,” Berry said.  

Detective Farley said after your first offense, you are charged through the state and jail time is likely. 

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