Local Man Watches Eclipse from Beginning to End


Thousands of people across Southern West Virginia a took time Monday afternoon (8/21) to see the solar eclipse light up the sky.

“If you didn’t see this one then you missed out,” one Beckley Resident, Charlie Chandler said.

For Chandler this was the third solar eclipse he’s seen in his lifetime and he said this year’s was something special. “If you’ve never seen one, it’s pretty astronomical,” Chandler said.

As the Moon passed between the Sun and the Earth, Chandler described the act of nature as spectacular. “It’s special, the alignment of the planets like this, it just shows you how powerful the universe is.”

He said for some people it was a once in a lifetime opportunity that he made sure he didn’t miss out on. “You see a little aura around the moon or a halo when it peaks out,” Chandler said.

Chandler was one of thousands that watched the sky light up, but he stressed that the sight wouldn’t have been possible to see without the proper protection. “You couldn’t watch this without some type of glasses, these are extremely strong.”

With binoculars and safety glasses in hand, Chandler made it his mission to watch the entire solar eclipse from beginning to end. “I made a plan to see this one until the end and I did, I’ll die getting to know I’ve seen one more.”

He said the beauty comes with pain, “I’ll have a stiff neck after this.” Adding,  it was worth every second of stiffness. 

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