Local retailer looking to fill 35 positions for the holiday season


With the holidays just around the corner, retail stores are beginning to hire additional seasonal employees. 59 News spoke with some hiring managers about what it is they’re looking for. “It’s just really enjoyable to me, seeing someone come in here with a frown on their face and leaving with a smile,” said Brittany Maiolo, Operations Manager at Sephora. In addition to helping customers she’s been training 2 new employees who were hired as part time workers for the extra holiday traffic. “It’s been pretty fun just helping them get out of their shell and talking to people and showing them how to apply makeup in different ways,” Maiolo added. 

With Thanksgiving a little more than a month away, retailers like JC Penny plan to hire plenty of new employees to help during their busiest and most profitable time of the year. It’s good right now it is hard everywhere to find a job and you know being able to give people that extra opportunity to come in and work for the holidays is a good thing,” said Thompson, store manager at JC Penny. Although these new employees will only start out working part time, Thompson says there will be full time positions available after the holiday season wraps up. “It is nice to have that many people come in at Christmas time because then you do have a pool, knowing after Christmas you’re going to be able to keep some people,” Thompson added. If you’re interested in applying for a position at the store, you can visit their location inside the Crossroads Mall in Mount Hope. 

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