Local Sheriff changes alarm call procedure


After 248 of false alarm calls in the month of March alone, Raleigh County Sheriff, Steve Tanner, has given supervising Sergeants the authority to make the decision whether or not to use their lights and sirens to speed to an alarm call.

“We’re really endangering the public with the way we drive when we run lights and sirens because of course we’re passing people and accelerating our speeds and we try to do it as safely as we can, but it’s inherently dangerous,” Sheriff Tanner said. 

As the Sheriff expected, a lot of people in Raleigh County don’t like the new idea. 

“Oh, the public is going to be a little bit upset,” Tanner said. 

People like Susie Farmer, who thinks it’s their duty to respond quickly to all calls, couldn’t believe it. 

“You never know if someone’s crying wolf or someone’s killed in the street,” Farmer said. 

Farmer thinks people shouldn’t have to suffer because of other people’s choices. 

“You got some bad people out there that make these prank calls and you got the good ones out there that’s going to suffer for it,” Farmer explained. 

A way around this, Sheriff Tanner said, is that if it’s an alarm that has never sounded, or it’s a business that has been robbed before, they will definitely respond with lights and sirens. If it’s a home where an owner refuses to fix their alarm system, lights and sirens won’t be used. 

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