Local veteran comments on Trump’s Purple Heart gift


Delmer Huffman’s military career spans more than twenty years. His brother’s military career is equally impressive. Although both veterans are highly decorated, Delmer’s brother Warren Huffman was awarded the purple heart after suffering a major injury from battle in World War II. That’s why he thinks Trump’s comments about wanting a purple heart is nothing to take lightly. “I don’t know why he would want one because they’re not the ideal thing to have because either you’re wounded, you lose parts of your body or you’re killed. That’s it,” said Huffman. 

His comments made Huffman angry especially when he thinks of how his brother sacrificed his life for his country, when Trump repeatedly refused that opportunity. “It’s the same way, they can’t believe it, and he said he always wanted one, and he shirked his duty I mean why didn’t he go into the military?” said Huffman. Huffman served in Vietnam and Korea and says he’s happy he ended his military career without a purple heart because that meant he was lucky enough to come home safe. He’s proud to have been able to serve his country and says he’s dumbfounded by Trump’s remarks. 

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