Local veterans give up spare time to keep a recruiting center safe


They compare themselves to those who stand guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington D.C.

“God Bless America,” said one veteran who wants to remain anonymous.

These men have stood guard in front of the Armed Forces Career Center all week swearing to protect those inside from the atrocities that took place in Chattanooga more than a week ago.

“These men have put their lives on the line for us, they’re willing to die for us and we need to show them support that there are those in the public that still care about what they do,” he said.

But when you stand in front of the door openly carrying weapons, there are those who say the mission of the military suffers because potential soldiers will be intimidated from coming into the recruiting station.

“Haven’t seen any intimidation what so ever, nothing but hand shakes, thank yous, um, God bless yous, if these kids are intimidated by guns now then they shouldn’t be walking in this building,” he said.

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