Locals share how they would spend if they win the Powerball


     The Powerball is creating more buzz than ever.  It’s the largest jackpot in world history. 59News spent the day at a local convenience store to see how people in Southern West Virginia would spend the money.
     The largest lottery the world has ever seen is up for grabs. The Powerball has never reached the billion mark, and now it’s at $1.5 billion.  As the winning amount rises, your chances of winning only dwindle. That’s why Edward Dill says he doesn’t play, “I honestly think that it’s a waste of money. You might as well donate your money to someone that could use it. And people that always win the money, they end up wrecking their lives over it.”
     Dill makes a valid point, but everyone I spoke with seem very level headed. Logan Pauley said, “I would save it for college and maybe buy a car.” Pat Fargile says he would, “secure myself and my family and I would make significant charitable donations.” When we asked Fargile if he would do anything crazy with it he said, “no, not really.”
     Maybe people are just afraid to spend a lot of money, thinking they will forget where they came from, or maybe they just don’t need a lot to make them happy. Emily Fedyk says she she would keep things simple, “I would take family and friends on a vacation and I would get a comfortable home, maybe keep working I would have to decide.” Fedyk wasn’t the only person to tell me she would keep her job. When I asked Michael Alley if he would keep his job he said, “Yes mam, you can’t just lay around and not doing anything with your life.”
     As grounded as lot of dreamers are tickets sales are still sky rocketing. The Little General in Daniels sold $5,000 dollars worth of tickets on Saturday.

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