Long-time Wyoming County Superintendent steps down


Humble, caring, and a man that knows how to get things done. Those are words used to describe Frank “Bucky”  Blackwell. West Virginia’s longest serving superintendent of 34 years.  

 Katie Walls is Blackwell’s secretary and has worked with him for more than a decade.

“He is a gentlemen and a  professional. He really loves the boys and girls as he say’s in Wyoming County and he’s just fair and he treats everyone exactly the same no matter who you are,” Walls said. 

On Thursday the district hosted a retirement reception for Blackwell recognizing his continued service as an educator for more than 47 years.
In addition to honoring his service the event was also a birthday celebration. Thursday Blackwell turned 69 years old. 

 “It feels wonderful I’ve had a great run here as an employee here at Wyoming County Schools, I’ve been principal assistant superintendent, superintendent. We’ve accomplished a lot,” Blackwell said. 

Blackwell is noted for his endless list of achievementscontributions, some of which include securing more than 160 Million dollars from multiple sources to help build and improve more than a dozen schools. Some of those schools include Wyoming east high, Westside High, and Pineville Elementary. 

“He has built four new schools in the last 15 years we’ve got all of our schools in great shape.”When there’s issues problems he doesn’t hide them he gets corrected and straighten out its been a pleasure to work with him,” said Michael Prichard, Board Member for Wyoming County Schools. 

Through it all Blackwell said his love for children and seeing them succeed continues to be his motivation 

“We can never forget that we work for the kids that’s why we’re all here otherwise we wouldn’t have a job the good and so the good Lord blessed us with children and we’re trying to educate them as much as we can and see that they’re productive citizens.” Blackwell said. 

Despite retiring, Blackwell said he plans to continue serving his community. In the fall he plans on running for a seat in the House of Delegates. 

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