SuddenLink Communications has been notifying their customers about a change over to an advanced all digital format.  The change went into effect on Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2017.  In order to take advantage of the change over, customers need to have a Suddenlink set-top box or a television with an internal tuner.  

If you have a set-top box, all of your channels should be updated automatically.  Those customers with an internal tuner need to rescan their channels.  This is typically done from the “menu” on your remote, then going to the “setup” menu and choosing “autoprogram.”  If you do not have a set-top box, one can be picked up at the SuddenLink store located at 124 Beckley Crossing.

For a channel listing specific for your area you can find a channel guide for your set-top box online at SuddenLink’s web site.  If you have an internal tuner you can find high definition channels for WVNS-CBS at 18.111 or WVNS-FOX at 1.4.  According to technical support, the set-top boxes will standardize the channels to those listed online.  Those boxes can be picked up for free at the SuddenLink store.