“Love Potion” changes flower from white to pink


Are you looking for a way to add a little science to your Valentine’s Day? Brynna and Jason Lindsey have an idea.

“We have a special flower here, a science flower, and as soon as I spray this love potion on it, it’s instantly going to turn an amazing, a beautiful pink,” said Lindsey. “Are you ready for this Brynna? Take a close look, this love potion is hard to get, not. All it is ammonia. Watch this, notice how it turns this bright pink? Pretty amazing!

“Why is it doing that, because this had something on it before hand, the flower, it’s called phenolphthalein. Whenever I spray this on there, it changes color because phenolphthalein is what Brynna?

“An Indicator!”

“Good Job! If it is clear, that means it is exposed to an acid, or this white color. If it turns pink, it’s exposed to a base and ammonia is a base.”

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