Magistrates Sworn in the Greenbrier County Courthouse


LEWISBURG, WV – With this years elections behind us, elected officials are starting to fill their new seats. 59 News found out what new faces will be in the courthouse for the first time next year.

With 15 years of judicial experience, Kimberly Johnson is thrilled to take on her new position as the Greenbrier County Magistrate. “It’s exciting and nervous all at the same time,” said Johnson.

The newly elected judge says getting to this point wasn’t easy. “It was 4 months of extreme pressure and just politics,” said Johnson.

Although she has not taken on her new position just yet, she said there are areas within the judicial system that she is very passionate about working with. “I’m really big with the juveniles and I would love to help the juveniles in any way I could,” said Johnson.

With goals already in mind, she says this will also be a learning experience for her as it’s her first time in this seat. “Learning the West Virginia code which is a real hurdle learning and finding where it’s all at,” said Johnson.

Johnson was one of 3 magistrates sworn in along with other roles like the sheriff and the clerks. Johnson said without the support for Greenbrier County she wouldn’t be where she is today. “I think that’s why I have the butterflies in my stomach, they put such faith in me and I’m going to try every day to live up to it,” said Johnson.

All newly elected officials will all take on their new role in the new year.

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