Donald Moore pleaded guilty today (3/31/2015) to voluntary manslaughter, and will receive a maximum of 15 years.New details came to light, causing the state to drop the murder charge against Donald Moore. One new detail the state learned is that the shooting did not happen because of a bar room brawl, but instead Moore told the state that James Williams reportedly owed money for a narcotics deal. 

Prosecuting Attorney Kristen Keller said she is satisfied with the ruling today.

“I believe based on the developments that had occurred there was a real risk that a jury would be so confused by what the witnesses had to say, and so affected by that it wasn’t just a bar room brawl,” said Kristen Keller. 

Keller said new evidence showing the revolver that shot, and killed James Williams belonged to a man named Gary Dickens, and Dickens was with Moore the night of the shooting.

Gary Dickens is currently in jail in Florida, while in jail police say Dickens confessed to his cell mate that the gun was his. 

Keller said they will pursue charges against him.

“As soon as the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Department got the information from Florida they’ve been in communication with Florida authorities and we started then and we are continuing now.”

It’s been two years since the shooting, but Keller said the two years were important to finally get the truth.

“We do our best to move them quickly, but as I said in court thank goodness the other suspect started talking in Florida before we went to trial because if we had got the conviction and then this Gary Dickens began confessing in Florida that conviction would have been overturned.”

Williams family, including his widow were in the courtroom today for the ruling.

Prosecuting Attorney Kristin Keller says Moore has been cooperative with the state and investigators. She said, Moore gave them details on where the revolver is that he used to shoot Williams. So far investigators have not been able to find it.