Man accused of shooting two Lewisburg cops was extradited back to NC


 Eric Campbell will soon join his father Edward Campbell in North Carolina.

After waiving his right to contest extradition this morning in circuit court. Just a few miles from where the two Lewisburg police officers were shot on New Year’s Day. 

Eric’s charges of attempted murder, malicious wounding and assault in West Virginia were dismissed by the state but Prosecutor Patrick Via says he plans to re-file eventually.

What we plan to do as a procedural matter is re-file some of the charges, may be the same ones, may be not. I haven’t made that decision,” said Prosecutor Patrick Via. 

Eric’s attorney Samuel Rogers today and he said his client’s case is completely separate than Edward Campbell’s case. He said just because someone is accused of murder does not necessarily mean they’re guilty.

As you saw today there was no preliminary hearing in Eric’s case. There was in Edwards. As you saw a few weeks ago. They’re two different cases, a different set of facts and I think the reason you didn’t see a preliminary hearing is because the facts of Eric’s case are so completely different,” said Eric’s attorney Samuel Rogers. 

Via says Eric was charged with attempted murder because of the Acting in Concert Theory, and since Eric and his father were acting together, he can held accountable.  

The family member of Eric Campbell’s that was in the courtroom today was his aunt. She said off camera that Eric is a good boy and that their family is sorry for the Faulkner’s loss. 

Both Edward Campbell and Eric Campbell have been indicted in North Carolina on ten charges, including first degree murder for the deaths of Dora and Jerome Faulkner. 

Prosecutor Via said he believes North Carolina authorities will come for Eric Campbell in the next two days.

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