A Fayette County man is charged with Grand Larceny and Destruction of Property after officers recovered fingerprints on a missing car.

Officers said they matched Russell Allen Weis’s fingerprints to those found on the stolen vehicle. On September 05, 2017 officers responded to the scene on Country Club Rd. in Oak Hill for a reported stolen car.

The victim told officers she left her Kia Amante parked in her mother’s drive way, and when she came back to the car, it was gone.

According to the criminal complaint, her car was found on September 25, 2017 in the Page Kincaid area by the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department.

The battery, rear speakers, rear taillights, tires and wheels were removed. The cost to replace all the items stolen will around $2,500.

The forensics’ department was able to recover fingerprints, and matched them to Weis, who was already in their system.

Weis remains in the southern regional jail.