Man Hailed Hero For Stopping Robbery Suspect In Mercer County


A man is being hailed a hero for reportedly stopping armed robbery suspect Amy Davis at the S and S Express in Green Valley on Sunday.

Cashier at S and S Express, Susie Worrell hugged the man she is calling a hero.  Worrell said just after 6 p.m. a woman identified as  Davis, came into the store with a taser and what appeared to be a sharp piece of metal used to sharpen tools.

Worrell said, “I knew her attention was focused on the register on the money.  I knew that was my one chance if I had any chance that was it.  I mimed I looked towards Steven who was outside and said help.”

Worrell said she immediately put her hands up and she distributed the money one bill at a time.  That’s when Steven Green came along and jumped into action stopping the suspect from escaping.  Green said he knew he had to do something after he saw Susie mouth for help.

Green said, “I followed her straight out of the store.  As soon as she got one foot out the door, I just jumped and grabbed her around the neck and shoved her down and then  we hit the ground.  Susie was right behind me and like pinned her legs down and we just sat there and held her.”

Troopers arrived on scene soon after.

Worrell said, “Steven is my hero.  He definitely is awesome.  I thank him my God.  I thank him.  I can’t thank him enough.  If it hadn’t been for him, they would of got away.

Green say’s he ‘s no hero.

Green said, “Just trying to do my part”.

Troopers said Davis is charged with Armed Robbery and Escape.
She is also facing charges for an armed robbery that happened at Little General in Princeton on Saturday January 9, 2016.

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