Man identified in Officer involved Shooting


An investigation is under way after witnesses said  police were forced to shoot a man who tried to attack a state trooper.  In a press release, Lieutenant Michael Baylous identified the man as 26-year-old Kyle Copson of Cross Lanes.

The incident happened just after 4 p.m. on Wednesday off of Route 460 in Princeton at the Hardee’s restaurant parking lot.  Randy Lurie spotted Copson walking erratically with a large kitchen and immediately called police. 

“He looked a little dangerous so I figured it would be better off to call the cops before he hurts somebody,” Lurie said. “The cops came up and the saw him on the corner over there and they started following him and he was walking away from them and swinging the knife.”

That’s when State Police said they confronted him and repeatedly told Copson to put the knife down. Copson then started to verbally threaten officers and eventually lunged at them. Lurie said he watched the scene unfold.

“He was swinging the knife at them and came forward at one of the and he pulled a couple shots off,” he said. 

Lurie said he did manage to get video of the incident. State Police asked to take his phone to retrieve a copy of the video for their investigation.

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