Man Pleads Guilty to Running Over a Police Officer With ATV


A Beckley man faced the judge Monday morning (7/17) after running over a Beckley Police Officer with an ATV last summer. 

Timothy Howard II entered a Kennedy plea to two felony counts of malicious assault upon a law enforcement officer and attempted first degree murder. Howard admitted there is enough evidence for a conviction, but felt if the case goes to trial the consequences will be worse.

This all comes after he was accused of running over a Beckley Police Officer with an ATV in what officials said was a ‘malicious move.’ “He had premeditation and he intended the death of the officer and it was basically the grace of God that saved the officer’s life,” said the Raleigh County Prosecuting Attorney, Kristen Keller.

Corporal W.L. Gravley was on road patrol in Beckley when he said he came across Howard illegally riding an ATV. This all happened on East Prince Street where Corporal Gravley then motioned for Howard to stop and that’s when prosecutor Kristen Keller stated Howard then steered his ATV toward Gravely, accelerating to run him over. “He had multiple abrasions, broken bones along with other injuries,” said Keller.

Since the accident on July 4, 2016, Corporal Gravley hasn’t been able to return to road patrol and is awaiting an ankle replacement surgery. Gravley said it will be at least another year until he can return back to his duty. 

“He has handled this with such grace and integrity as well as his family and we’re wishing him a full recovery,” said Keller.

As Corporal Gravley anxiously awaits until he can patrol the streets again, Howard faces up to 30 years behind bars. Howard will remain in the Southern Regional Jail until his sentencing on September 21, 2017.

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