McDowell County Convenience Store Swirling In Lottery Ticket Sales


A convenience store in McDowell County is leading West Virginia in lottery ticket sales. 

Vickie Helm has lived in McDowell County for the majority of her life.  On Thursday January 26, 2017 she said she’s been playing the lottery everyday except on Sundays at the Welch Bantam Market.  

Helm said, “I’m one of the hopefuls.  A lot of people do play their lottery here.  This is the only store in Welch that do lottery.”

Public Relations Drawing Manager for the West Virginia Lottery Randy Burnside told 59News the Welch Bantam Market has a large volume of sales.

Burnside said, “The Welch Bantam Market does an outstanding job with selling tickets.  Their owner is committed to doing a good job with lottery.  Every time you make a purchase, they ask you if you’ve bought your lottery tickets yet.  They do a very good job with sales and that’s one of the reasons.  They get a lot of traffic through there even though it’s a smaller area.  They’re one of the only stores in the county.”

Many people may view the community as depressed. Helm believes many play the lottery in hopes of hitting it big and being able to fix up their area.

Helm said, “I just wish them luck.  Good luck, including myself.”

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